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Beijing: let polluters pay more costs

Date: 2015-01-06

"Would rather pay pollutant discharge fee to new equipment", "don't row of white line, also the white line" "illegal high compliance costs, the cost low," like this, in some units and enterprises often heard in the past. Pollution charge standard is too low, the lack of administrative penalties, leading to low polluters self-discipline consciousness, even deliberately drainage, environmental pollution. Since this year, Beijing discharge standards, give play to the role of the regulation of economic leverage, to crack down on illegal environment, give play to the role of administrative punishment deterrent, both economic and administrative means, let polluters pay more costs.
Look at the economic lever. January 1 this year, Beijing throughout the country take the lead in a substantial increase in sulfur dioxide four major pollutants, such as charge standard, after the adjustment the standard for 14 to 15 times the original standard, for the highest level.
At the same time, to encourage further reduce emissions in the standard case, punishment for excess discharge, according to the situation of pollutant discharge in Beijing implement differentiation of type of pollution charge policy: the actual pollutant discharge less than 50% of the prescribed discharge standards, according to the benchmark price in half collecting fees; Between 50% to 100% of the prescribed discharge standards, according to the benchmark collecting fees; Actual pollutant discharge value in excess of the prescribed discharge standards, according to the benchmark price double collecting discharge, at the same time to punishment according to regulation.
Improve the pollution charge standard, implement differentiation policies, aimed at strengthening the polluters economic responsibility. 1 to 9 months, the Beijing municipal sewage charge order amount of 173 million yuan, 5.7 times that of the same period last year. A group of practical emission concentration control in the corresponding below 50% of the prescribed discharge standards, according to the fee standards halved collecting fees, halving the amount of 11.75 million yuan.
"Row row less is no longer the same." The discharge standards improve, contributions rose sharply, the influence of some units actively reduce pollutant emission. Can Beijing Beijing electric power co., LTD., shijingshan thermal power plant, huaneng Beijing thermal power co., LTD and other key units, through debugging equipment, strengthening the environmental management and investment, since April most outfalls control nox emission concentration below 50% of the prescribed discharge standards. Beijing cement plant co., LTD. Six cement enterprises to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, such as the third quarter of the concentration of nitrogen oxide emissions over the same period last year to 300 mg/m3 has dropped below the current 150 mg/m3, fell 50%.
Look at the administrative punishment. The regulations on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution in Beijing since March 1, to the atmospheric environment governance provides a powerful legal weapon. Beijing municipal environmental protection department careful organization of municipal environmental protection law enforcement power, intensify efforts to combat the illegal behaviour of environment. From large companies to small and medium-sized enterprises, from catering to the construction site, from open burning to outdoor barbecue... Separate law enforcement, joint law enforcement, joint supervision, environmental protection, urban management department, of pollution of all types and at all levels to examine the increasingly strict, once found illegal ACTS, penalty according to regulation. All penalized unit docking with the banking system, into the green bank credit management; All be punished unit information disclosure, atmospheric special law enforcement weeks to investigate and punish the illegal units and outstanding case are widely exposed in the media.
By the end of September, Beijing municipal check all kinds of pollution source unit more than 47000 times, initiate the penalty, the penalty of $58.2985 million since 1930. Atmospheric environmental class filing penalty, the penalty of $25.788 million since 1149. Punishment), amount, respectively is 1.6 times, 3.4 times in the same period last year; Among them, the class atmosphere is punished) for more than 1060 from last year. Double the average amount of single punishment implementation growth, increase from $13900 last year to this year's 30200 yuan, an increase of 117%. (reporter Yu Ronghua)