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Beijing 110 opened eight languages called positioning alarm service for foreigners to urge with mobile phones

Date: 2014-12-21

China website on November 6, dispatch (reporter Yan-ling zhang) multilingual called service opened Beijing 110 alarm system. Foreigners in Beijing in the future, work, life can be directly in English, French, Russian and so on eight languages, report to the police. Chris Parker China website reporter interview from Britain, said the service of first came to Beijing, foreigners can not speak Chinese to be very practical. He hopes that Beijing called mobile phone positioning alarm system development, solve the foreigners in alarm when the expression is not clear the site problem.
The reporter learns from the Beijing municipal government information office, a few days ago, the Beijing municipal public security bureau and the Beijing foreign studies university signing ceremony held multilingual police assistance linkage mechanism, the agreement will achieve language volunteers for a line of police on duty and call the police for help foreigners to provide real-time multilingual translation. At present, Beijing language service center has eight seats and more available, including English, French, Russian, the size of the eight languages service.
How foreigners see Beijing 110 living in Beijing, the opening of the multilingual called service? Chinese reporters interviewed in Beijing work two years in the UK lad ChrisParker.
This year, 26, Chris Parker graduated from Chinese department of Cambridge university, Chinese level is good. He told reporters that the Chinese Beijing 110 multilingual called service for first came to Beijing foreign tourists, businessmen, students can not speak Chinese, is a good thing. In urgent or emergency cases, foreigners directly in a foreign language alarm, quickly told the police that the site, can more accurately describe the case, more conducive to quickly solve the problem.
"For foreigners, can accurately express the address, the scene is a very difficult thing, to express clearly, foreigners are more willing to express in his native language, it more in line with their habits of thinking." Chris Parker said. "I would suggest that Beijing 110 alarm system can be developed using a mobile phone positioning function is better to call the police."
Chris Parker said: "I tend to call the police, in Chinese because the Chinese language can express more accurate, can effectively avoid the language barrier misunderstanding or describe not clear problem and delay the case."
According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing municipal public security bureau, in the future, a line of police on duty when accepts the disposal of foreigners for help alarm, by calling 110 call or metro line telephone service demand of foreign languages, 110 by turning center will transfer phone call multilingual service center, through the "three party call", "phone hands-free", and other functions, implementation language volunteers for a line of duty foreigners to provide real-time translation of police and the police for help, and help the police to solve the difficulties of foreigners in a timely manner.