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Beijing cloth new bureau APEC25 years later

Date: 2014-12-11

Xinhua net Beijing on November 6 (xinhua zheng-fu zhang Hui-hui wang YueRuiFang) on November 7, 25 years ago is a memorable day. At that time, the "cold war" is coming to an end, stand in the "iron curtain" slowly split between the eastern and western world.
That day, in Oceania the garden city of Canberra, concluded the first apec ministerial meeting. This by Australia, the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and the association of south-east Asian nations (asean), the six countries joint meeting, marked the establishment of the APEC (APEC).
Today, after 13 years when China has once again become the APEC leaders' meeting, the host, this had not been attention mechanism has witnessed the development and prosperity in the Asia Pacific to take root, centers for the world to here.
Across the oceans
The basis of the asia-pacific regional cooperation is not too good, separated by vast Pacific obstacle may be the easiest to overcome. What's the most difficult is how to make more than 20 different development level, historical origin and social system of members, stereotypes, together.
Nowadays, APEC has made from a geographical concept of "Asia Pacific" evolved into a global economic engine with a population of 2.8 billion. The component in the structure of the global economy and status compared with 25 years ago, trade expanded five times, 46% of the world, has improved the investment environment, economy than half in the world.
Also some people think that APEC is a "light house", these achievements and it doesn't matter much. However, in the eyes of APEC, a senior expert, the organization for economic cooperation in the process of promoting the development of the asia-pacific fusion, win-win play to promote "comprehensive" without a doubt.
Said APEC chen-yang liu, director of the research center of nankai university, the establishment of APEC to the asia-pacific regional cooperation from scratch, especially the leaders' meeting mechanism set up in 1993, APEC has formed a complete mechanism of from high to low setting, high commitment and called for implementation, basically is unceasingly thorough along with the asia-pacific regional cooperation.
From 1991 in Seoul, South Korea (now called Seoul) establishment of APEC aims and objectives, to Seattle in the United States in 1993 to start informal leaders' meeting of the dialogue and communication to negotiate new stage; In bogor, Indonesia promises from 1994 at the latest no later than 2020 implementation of free and open trade and investment in the Asia Pacific region, by the year 2001 in Shanghai, China through the consensus in Shanghai "and other important outcome documents; From 2006 in Hanoi, Vietnam agree on the vision of the asia-pacific free trade zone, in 2013 China's leaders in Bali, Indonesia, interconnection and the preparation of the Asian infrastructure investment bank initiative - the asia-pacific economic cooperation (APEC) across the milestones and gradually move towards regional economic integration.
Member of Chinese academy of social sciences division and China asia-pacific association said zhang yunling, while some are not satisfied with the APEC, but you cannot leave it, because it is to cover the entire asia-pacific region the only comprehensive economic and trade cooperation mechanisms. APEC's work is not legally binding, but its significance is to form a consensus to promote the asia-pacific economic integration.
The 21st century is the century. And it is the existence of the APEC let brings together the global top three economies of the asia-pacific to become the world's base of "the anchor of stability and prosperity".
The China factor
In this process, China is an important factor. China's foreign minister, wang said that in 1991 China's accession to APEC, this is China's opening to the outside world and a great event in the process of the evolution of APEC. Now, China and the Asia Pacific has become a glorious all glory, broken the fate of the universe.
When China joined APEC, don't be valued. In 2001, the APEC conference was held in Shanghai, China's economy ranked sixth in the world. Now China has become the world's second largest economy. Across the Pacific, various Chinese merchant ships, full of fruit, arts and crafts, Peru fish meal as well as the iron ore in Australia, New Zealand milk powder and heading for China in fruit from southeast Asia, and China's production of clothing, iPhone, solar panels, LED, IC, tires shipped to the United States, Japan, the association of south-east Asian nations (asean)...
Not long ago reap high box office film Chinese partners reflect this change. It describes a group of originally after all China "the dream silk" entrepreneurial success story. Experience similar Chinese entrepreneur Mr Yu with the protagonist, ma, ma has become of the characters, their companies are now listed on the New York, USA.
In 2013, the volume of trade between China and APEC members have accounted for 60% of the total amount of foreign trade, China 83% of the 83% of the actual use of foreign capital and foreign investment are conducted among APEC members.
Chen-yang liu said that the APEC, China had to in the construction of marketization of broader inspection level and their own strength, to join the world trade organization (wto) have the effect of the "experimental field". Now, APEC has become China's implementation of an organic part of the international and regional strategy, development in China from the Asia Pacific economic power for the process of world economic power has a unique role to play.
At the same time, the asia-pacific is increasingly dependent on China. The international monetary fund estimates, China has contributed more than 50% of Asian economic growth, China's economy every 1% growth, will pull the economic growth of 0.3% in Asia.
More importantly, as a against the implementation of reform and opening-up of poverty and become the world's second biggest economy, the development of China's advocacy of open, inclusive concept has been the important driving force of the development of win-win situation, fusion. The successful experience of China's reform and opening up, has also been a lot of the asia-pacific economy value and absorption.
A new session of the central committee of the communist party of China led a collective more proactive opening-up strategy, put forward the innovative concept, to construct the new power relations, positive initiative, the construction of an open world economy, opened up a new office. Since last year, the Chinese President xi jinping, continuously put forward the construction of economic zone "silk road" "Marine silk road" in the 21st century "asia-pacific community of destiny" and other major foreign cooperation idea, and the preparation of the Asian infrastructure investment bank, initiative, the world great attention.
This makes people keen interest for APEC conference in Beijing.