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APEC Beijing holiday music bad Korean businessmen big strength promotion for Chinese tourists

Date: 2014-11-06

International online features: according to South Korea's chosun ilbo newspaper, yonhap news agency reported on November 6, the asia-pacific economic cooperation (APEC) leaders' meeting during the week (November 7-12 November), a lot of units will be temporarily put 6 days in Beijing. There are a lot of Chinese people not only because of the "sky" holiday happy, is about to celebrate the arrival of a large number of Chinese tourists South Korea the merchants were for this joy.
Reported that 7 to 10 was held during the APEC meeting in Beijing, from Beijing to South Korea's flight booking rate rising rapidly, are expected to be a "big wave" of Chinese tourists traveling to South Korea. South Korea's big duty-free shops, department stores and shopping area are aimed at the Chinese tourists to timely large discount promotions.
Reported that 7 is expected about 12000 foreign visitors arrived in South Korea, of which about 10000 are Chinese tourists, South Korea's lotte duty free on 7 day will purposely large music performance for foreign tourists. Some south Korean businessman says, after heard that Beijing will temporary paid leave during the APEC, many businesses are quickly for Chinese tourists to the sales promotion.
, woosong duty-free shops will be 7-12 to shop more than $1 per tourists away five mask, most of the domestic cosmetics brands will have larger efforts to buy a gift of activity. Lotte duty free world tower outlet during 1-15 gave all spending more than $1 of foreign tourists Kim soo-hyun hallyu star such as posters, and introduced a variety of "buy things with cash coupon" sales promotion. Modern duty-free shops on the brush unionpay card spending during the period of APEC customers with 5% discount.
Seoul, South Korea, more than 300 family hotel and tourism consulting also ready 10000 travel guide, foreign tourists often go to the guo-ming han hole near to 100% winners will also launch activities. (haiyan)