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Beijing oil set up environmental protection monitoring team to meet the APEC

Date: 2014-11-06

Xinhuanet Beijing channel 6 November (foray into Zhong Jing) to ensure the safe operation of the product during the APEC meeting, China petrochemical oil branch set up in Beijing environmental protection monitoring team, huairou and miyun station every day for carpet.
, according to Beijing oil northeast area vice manager ya-dong liu for the APEC summit meeting successfully completes the oil supply security work, Beijing oil specially set up the environmental monitoring, the monitoring team a total of six people, equipped with 2 car, the closer from the lake yanxi APEC site nine key station to check several times a day to other gas stations is random carpet check at any time.
During the APEC meeting, Beijing huairou and oil filling stations in miyun is not sold in bulk oil, and for each station every day to call tracking, maintenance team and service on call 24 hours, ensure the safe operation of the gas station.
In addition, Beijing northeast oil by gas station standardization management, strictly implement safety warning labels all warning labels in accordance with the unified standards for fire making and Posting, clear gas station key parts, such as fire escape, emergency exits.