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Live in courtyard hotel, touch the most classic of Beijing

Date: 2014-07-25

In the old city of Beijing is "empty lane with the wind", Beijing flavour is very thick fine courtyard hotel Beijing city's ground maneuver international business card. Details the cultural word Beijing siheyuan hotel buildings not only elegant, can produce more in the sense of history. Suburban vacationing industry courtyard, or hutongs boutique courtyard, the hidden in the city of the sun from the cbsi cbsi sky in the yard, you will see the other side of Beijing's most real, and picked up the old Beijing's ancient traditional romantic again.
Railing build by laying bricks or stones jade, no longer siheyuan hotel arises at the historic moment
In a wide variety of Chinese traditional local-style dwelling houses, Beijing siheyuan is a master, as a representative of northern residential. It forms a building type siheyun has a long history and its prototype produced in on Monday, when the yuan dynasty built mostly adopted by mass, Ming and qing dynasties have great progress, from the republic of China began to enter the decline of one hundred, getting a new lease in recent years, some compound were developed into a hotel to nirvana.
Like the stars, the siheyun of Beijing hao for most siheyun, hair into boutique hotel with characteristics is an important form of "organic renewal". Courtyard archaic can attract guests for the hotel and the verve of the hotel will keep the building, at the same time, the hotel operating income obtained source for the protection of the courtyard economy, at the same time, the hotel to ensure guest comfort, will also improve courtyard infrastructure and living environment.
The charm of Beijing siheyuan hotel inventory
Ann went h and resort - old Wang Xietang yan, before flying off the shelves
Address: Beijing's haidian district the Summer Palace, palace street, no. 1
Characteristic label: mysterious channel, bright type furniture, the design.
East side there is a huge yard, the Summer Palace of the courtyard door without signature, generous and open and around the stone lion, let the main door courtyard zhaobi cloak, passing people always curious to look inside, but had not found out it is one of the world's top 19 resort hotel Ann went h and resort hotel.
Courtyard of the four seasons, moss green, grass green color into the shade
Address: old horse before factory hutong 9 drum tower street
Characteristic label: bamboo, calligraphy and literati yake, cultural activities.
The name "four seasons" very apt, can enjoy spring fall tree in the yard, the summer WenMing cicada, qiu mu pretty breeze and winter snow. Room, also can be seen everywhere in rice paper copying the throttle, the vernal equinox, Dragon Boat Festival, the tomb-sweeping day, gu yu, some "training". Beijing have attached much importance since ancient times the twenty-four solar terms, pay attention to nurture work a year according to the solar terms, the four seasons is the cultural heritage.
Four seasons there are ordinary and suites, the room of the desk and chair in Taiwan are pure Chinese wind, match the blue bricks with uneven ground, the ink calligraphy and painting on the wall, a smack of Chinese minimalism. Is likely to be at the pure and fresh and refined, more than past guests here for cultural figures, true "it may be said and have learned scholar, between us no illiteracy".